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Hi! I'm Kelcie (Mama Chimo) 

I found pottery at the age of 10, looking to nature and clay as healthy healing tools after the loss of my father. It has provided me with years of exploration, play, and a warm community of fellow creatives and story tellers. 

My art is truly an extension of me - ever evolving and drawing inspiration from long days on the trails, cold creek dips, and the many wondrous creatures & canines in my life whom I love deeply. 

In 2021, I launched Mama Chimo Ceramics; a celebration of nature's endless gifts, my undying love for the outdoors, and the dog that started it all. 



Who is Chimo?


Chimo was a husky/malamute mix and my silent protector for countless adventures.

He allowed me to freely and fearlessly explore the outdoors with him by my side -

a gift that women don't typically feel when hiking solo.


Chimo = an inuit greeting meaning "Hello Friend"

I carry his spirit with me in the woods and at the wheel, combining my two greatest passions

to bring you one-of-a-kind ceramics that pay tribute to this nature oasis I call home.

My hope is that each piece evokes empowerment, untamed femininity, and love.

And maybe remind you of a moment in nature that took your breath away.

nature-inspired • handmade • 100% unique

Rest easy, Chimo. 

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